Live Broadcast April 1, 2019

My knees hurt when I bike. Do I need to give up biking?

Absolutely not! Never give up doing what you love to do unless you’ve been told to by a professional. And even then, get a second opinion! It could be that your knee is jacked up and it could be that it’s only muscular. If it’s muscular than it’s fixable without surgery. Tightness in the hamstrings, quads and calves could cause pain in your knee. So, before giving up biking, get with a physical therapist to see if it’s something that can be easily fixed!

I have heard taping is great for pain relief. My shoulder has been bothering me for quite awhile and so I bought some kineseo tape and put it on my shoulder. It didn’t help at all, why not!

Kineseo taping is can be a great way to relieve pain- provided you know what you are doing. There is nothing medicated about the tape, so just putting it on an area that hurts won’t help. There are several important things to think about with taping. Two of which are the placement and the resistance. Both very important. Just because your shoulder is hurting, doesn’t necessarily mean that the tape needs to be placed on the shoulder.

Also, the resistance and tightness with which you stretch the tape is very important. Sometimes it needs to be pulled very tight, sometimes only slight resistance is needed. So the best advice is to have someone who is trained in taping to administer it. We frequently tape the patient’s who come into our clinic. So if you are curious, give us a call.

Is Dry needling the real deal or just quackery?

We have therapist who administer dry needling and many people who come through our clinic, including myself, have found it to be very helpful. I have personally had it relieve a significant amount of backpain in one quick treatment. It was amazing. The day before I took a pain pill and spent all day sleeping. The pain was gone, but so was my day. The next day, I had Laura do some needling on me. The pain was gone, and I went back to work. It was wonderful. So if you are looking for a natural, drug free way to end your pain, then dry needling might be for you!

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Jason Miller