Live Broadcast February 22, 2019

Hey everybody, it is 12:30pm and time to start our live little Q&A. I’m not sure which Facebook account you are joining us from but we have two: a Centex Rehabilitation page and a Jason Miller health. Just a quick reminder that we do have two locations- one in Harker Heights and one in Belton. The best email address to reach us at is Let’s get  started with our live Q&A!

What insurance do you take?

It is easier to tell you the insurance we don’t take, which is Superior.  But, if you are curious about physical therapy or occupational therapy, or speech therapy and you are unsure if your insurance covers it or that we accept your insurance, I encourage you to give us a call at 254-630-1186 and we ca check it for you.  Our contact information is all over our Facebook page or you can also look on our website at Also, our website is getting updated! We have a weekly blog post that started yesterday. It is about runner’s knee and how anyone can get it.  Not just joggers.

How long does physical therapy take?

That’s a pretty open-ended question and there is no perfect answer.  However, it takes as long as it takes. We don’t stop until we have you significantly better.  Or we stop if you aren’t getting any better and you need possible other interventions, although that is fairly rare.

On average, physical therapy takes about 4 weeks. Really that depends on the length of time you spend in here with us, how well you follow through with your home exercise program, because we do give you stuff to do at home. I have been through physical therapy twice myself following my surgery, and I understand how hard it can be to follow through with a home exercise program. If you are one of our current patients, I do encourage that you do your exercises because the little things you can do at home can speed up the process. We all know that life gets busy, but your health is important. Again, on average it takes four weeks, if you are getting better and you are not done at four weeks, we will go as long as you are willing to go.

What is your opinion on the opioid crisis?

Probably not what you think. Obviously we are holistic in what we do. As physical therapists, we try to do everything we can to get you off pain killers. That does not mean that we do not support the use of some pain killers.   Sometimes the pain is so great that you do need it. As far as the crisis goes, my concern with that is the pendulum is swinging too far to the other side. What I mean by that is that in the past, there was probably too much being prescribed.  However, I think it’s unfair to now decide “ we are not going to prescribe anything at all” and create all these barriers to prevent you from getting what you need. I do think that we are in danger of keeping people from getting the medication that they need, and it is very difficult to have someone on something for a long time, only to take it away.

I would recommend following Integrated Pain Associates on Facebook. They did an interview with Fox 44- a local news group in the Waco, Temple and Killeen area on a story they participated in called “The Other Side of Pain”. It was VERY good. They took a look at the other side of it by looking at those people who are suffering from chronic pain, and cannot do anything else about it except for medication. It is just something else to consider. I am afraid that we are making it too difficult to get pain medication for people who truly do need it.

How is Sarah feeling?

Sarah is feeling a lot better, I actually saw her this morning at Sparta Elementary at Donuts with Dad (our kids go to the same elementary school). I saw her there and she looked great, she seemed to be doing well. She did have a rough couple of days, so we are all happy to see that she is doing better.

What kind of socks do you have on?

I currently have my Darth Vader socks on! Somebody knows that I only wear Star Wars socks in case you are wondering where that question came from.  Great observation skills!

How is the tooth?

The tooth, or rather the lack of tooth, is fine! I am just waiting for it to heal up and waiting for the implant.

What are your hours?

Belton- Monday through Thursday 8-5, Friday 8-12. At the Harker Heights office, Monday –Friday 8-5.

Where do you work out?

Just Fitness in Belton of course, which also houses Centex Rehab! Seriously though, it is a great gym. Jay and Nancy are the owners out there and they have a series of classes that I have participated in as well. If you are looking for a good HIIT class that has coaches that will motivate you instead of yell at you like a drill sergeant, Just Fitness is a great place to go.  I like it quite a bit and they have a whole schedule posted on their website I believe.  I encourage you to go by and meet them because they are great people.

How long do your (Jason’s) sessions take?

If you are asking about the duration of therapy, I continue until the child is communicating functionally, OR until they have met their age appropriate level. As far as time of therapy, it is typically 30 minutes.  Most insurance will only cover 30 mins. However, many people do not use their insurance and just go self-pay, and for that I can go as long as you want to go, up to an hour. I used to not like to do hour appointments because I didn’t think a child would be able to focus for an hour. However, I have really started to like them because in a 30 minute session, there is a lot to cover-we are going from one activity to another because I must address the child’s goals. Kids don’t necessarily work well that way, and kids don’t always work on your time table. An hour long session allows us to work a little bit, take a break, and get back to it. That doesn’t mean that the 30 minute sessions are drill, drill, drill, we just have a lot to do and to accomplish.

What did you get your wife for Valentine’s day?

I got her a bunch of dog toys to give to her new dog! She specifically said not to get her flowers on Valentine’s day because they are too expensive, so I got her a bunch of dog toys to give to our new dog Kylo, who is quickly turning into her baby.

Well, I will close. I hope you guys have a great weekend, spend time with your family, do fun stuff, be active and spend time with your kids! I will see you next Friday at 12:30pm!

Jason Miller