Live Broadcast March 8, 2019

Hey Everybody, I hope you are doing well. It is the Friday before spring break, and I am very excited for you and all of the kids we see in our clinic! I myself am not doing anything particularly fun, but I know that my wife is happy that she won’t be rushing around with the kids in the morning, trying to get them ready for school. However, she is also wondering what she is going to do with the kids for a week. I hope that you have something fun planned with your family, and I want to thank you for being here today.

So, let’s get started with the questions!

Where were you last week?

I was excited to be asked this because I didn’t know if anyone would notice that I wasn’t here last week! My daughter received an award at school and part of her special prize was a surprise lunch at her school. So, I went up there to eat lunch with her, which was at the same time we do the broadcast here.

We do record the broadcasts and email them out weekly. That’s just in case you want to watch but are unable to watch us live. The replay is always available on our website at

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Next week’s email will also have some stretches you can do for your neck, as well as this video. I promise to not bombard you with emails-TWO at the most. But again, if you would like to be on the email list, please reach out to me.

Are you involved in politics?

Originally, I was just going to ignore that question. Most of my family knows that I do not discuss politics at all in terms of the democrat or republican side of things. I find that many just like to argue.

However, recently I have been getting involved in political discussion that has that has my attention-House bill 29 in the state of Texas. HB29 is a bill that will provide direct access to patients for physical therapy. Right now, Texas is one of only two states in the entire country that does NOT have direct access for physical therapy. HB29 will change that.

Currently, you cannot come directly to us. We have to go through a whole process to get you in- which in my opinion is asinine. It denies you the chance to get help for your problems and pain the way you want to do it. You can do anything else you want to directly. Except physical therapy.

I have been writing my state’s representatives and I encourage you to do the same. Right now, if you wake up with back pain and you want to start physical therapy, the entire process on average will take you a month to get started.

That’s too long. You should be able to start your treatment whenever you are ready to and you shouldn’t have any barriers to get you to a Doctor of Physical Therapy, which is what we have here. So, if you are interested about it and want to talk to me more about it, I’d be happy to speak with you and give you an idea of what exactly it is in detail, and things you can do to push it through.

Do I have to have insurance to come to Centex Rehab?

No, of course not. A big fear in healthcare is that it’s too expensive and you can’t afford it, and that is simply not the case. We have quite a few cash pay patients whose insurance does not cover physical therapy, or they do not have insurance at all. We do work with anyone who does not have coverage.

If you are in pain, we want to help you and get you in. It more affordable than you would think. But, it can be affordable and we do work on payment plans with people as well. Don’t let your lack of coverage or insurance keep you from getting what you need. Especially with us, because we will work with you and help you get what you need. Please contact us and we will work for you.

Do you have any pediatric speech or pediatric OT openings?

The answer is yes for occupational therapy. I am the primary speech therapist here. My schedule is currently full. However, I am actually in the process of opening up a few more slots. We have also discharged a few kids in occupational therapy. So, if you are looking for speech therapy or occupational therapy, I act quickly as those spots go fast.

Sarah Carpenter is our occupational therapist and she is in high demand. If you are interested in speech therapy or occupational therapy, I encourage you to give us a call, message us or send us an email at

That’s it for today. If you have any questions, please send me a comment and we will address them next week. Or send me an email, I love hearing from you guys and I always reply back. I hope you and your family have a great spring break and if your kids are home I hope they don’t drive you too crazy. Be safe be well and have a good weekend.

Jason Miller