Mask The Pain With Medicine Or Get Long Term Relief From PT?

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I want to share a quick personal story with you

You may or may not know that I, myself, am not a physical therapist. I have employed them for 10 years, but I am actually a speech therapist.

The funny thing is that despite working with them for so many years, I have never had physical therapy until a couple of weeks ago. I developed some pretty bad neck pain. The first thing I did was get a muscle relaxer. I was pleased with that because I took the pill and the pain was better. I will say that I felt better quickly, but I lost that day and the following day because I was tired and groggy.

After the medication wore off, I still had the pain. So, I talked to one of my therapist, Blair. She worked on my neck twice. I won’t say it was the most comfortable thing that I have done, but having two sessions with her and following her instructions for home exercises, I was fine.

I know a lot of people don’t want to have physical therapy. They would rather go to a doctor for a muscle relaxers or pain pills because medication takes care of the immediate problem. But remember, I spent two thirty minute sessions with Blair verses a day and a half with a pain medicine.

So the next time you are in pain, give us a call and see if there is something we can do quickly for you that will give you long term relief as opposed to medicine that is going to mask your pain.

Jason Miller