Modern Methods Of Transportation Have Delayed Children’s Average Walking Age

Due to our busy lifestyles, babies are often carted from one spot to another throughout the day. The baby equipment industry has responded by developing more convenient methods of transportation for our little ones. As a result, children’s motor development has actually changed over the last few decades, delaying the average walking age. Babies who are strapped into their carriers versus being held by Mom are at a disadvantage when it comes to muscle development.

Children need to be held and placed on the floor in order to give their muscles the opportunity to work against gravity. Many of our children are becoming “compartmentalized” during the first few months of life and it is impacting the way their bodies develop from both a motoric and sensorial perspective.

Educating and encouraging new mothers to avoid overusing infant carriers, infant swings, and infant seats is a great way to advocate for our tiniest patients.

Jason Miller