Physical Therapy Aids in the Recovery of Sports Related Injuries

The increase in sports and recreational activity during the next few months will subsequently lead to an increased number of sports-related injuries that may require physical rehabilitation. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, over 5 million sports related injuries occur annually in the U. S. requiring medical consultation. Summer sports, including basketball, bicycling, water recreational activities, baseball, softball and golf, generate the highest number of injuries among children and adults. The most common sports-related injuries are muscle sprains and strains, tears of ligaments and tendons, dislocated joints and fractured bones, which primary concern the knees, shoulders, ankle and back. The use of a physical therapy program with a healthcare professional can help return these injured areas to a normal level of functions.

“The Texas climate is designed for active lifestyles and athletes sometimes push it too far, “says Jason Miller of Centex Rehabilitation. “The key to a fast and full recovery is speedy treatment. Most importantly, DO NOT IGNORE the pain.” Most sporting injuries will get worse if not treated. The long term expense, both physically and financially, can be great if an athlete does not attend to the injury.

Centex Rehabilitation’s Physical Therapist divide sports rehabilitation into three phases. Phase one represents the initial healing phase. Treatment generally includes rest, pain reduction, swelling reduction and promotion of tissue healing. Phase two represents the mature healing process. During this phase, therapists promote strong healing of the injured tissue. Phase three represents function integration during which the injured body part is trained to work harmoniously with the rest of the body while building strength, endurance and coordination.

Physical therapists are experienced professionals who work with patients to develop individual treatment plans concerned with prevention, management and the alleviation of sports-related injuries. At Centex Rehabilitation, the goal in sports injury rehabilitation is simple: get the athlete back to his or her game as soon as possible.

Jason Miller