What your Physical Therapist Isn’t Telling You!

As a physical therapist, I hear far too often, “I didn’t know that”, or, “I was never told that”, from my patients that have previously received physical therapy, chiropractic care, or body work at various locations. As a medical health professional, this is disappointing to me that more patients are not being empowered with knowledge to take better control over their situations.

Firstly, current research shows that most physical therapy patients need some type of body work, whether it is manual treatments, dry needling, joint mobilizations, or other such similar treatments at the beginning of therapy for optimal results. Don’t be afraid to ask your therapist if you are a good candidate, or if you would benefit from tissue normalization prior to strengthening or range of motion interventions.

All Physical Therapy schools across the nation are doctoral programs. As the patient, you need to expect a doctoral level experience from your physical therapist. A good PT should be working themselves OUT OF A JOB. By the end of your PT experience, you should be well educated on your injury, how to avoid further injury, and initial steps to take if another similar occurrence happens.

So what are the actions that you can begin taking?

Start by asking questions, and don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions! If you’re unhappy with your experience, don’t be afraid to request a different therapist. If something makes you uncomfortable, you can say “no”. And above all else, seek the education that you DESERVE!

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Joel Kelley