Low Back Pain? Try This Simple Exercise That You Can Do at Home!

Did you know that research shows back pain affects around 70% of our population? You may very well be suffering from the effects of back pain if you are watching this video. In this post, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Joel Kelley, gives away one of his best kept secrets on how you can reduce your own back pain at home.

We all have deep core muscles that are difficult to engage. These muscles work like the tires on your car. If your tires are flat, your car will not drive effectively, and your vehicle will sink down. Similarly, if your deep core muscles are not engaged, the bones in your spine will compress on each other causing pain and irritation.

To engage and strengthen these deep core muscles, first lay on a firm surface (carpet or a yoga mat work best). Your bed is too soft and should not be used for this exercise. Secondly, bend your knees, placing your feet flat on the floor, and press your legs together. Next, take a ball and place it in your lap. Place the palms of your hands on the ball and push the ball into the legs. Make sure to keep your legs together and do not let the ball squeeze through.

You should feel your belly button sink in and some pressure deep and low in your core region. This is exactly the muscle we are looking to engage. Push the ball into the legs for approximately 10-15 seconds. This is one repetition. After each repetition, take a slow deep breath, then push the ball in again. Perform approximately 20-30 repetitions for optimal results.

We have seen great success utilizing this exercise with our patients here at Center Rehab, and we hope that it helps you!

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Joel Kelley