You Do Not Have to Be a Runner to Suffer From Runner’s Knee

Hey Everybody.  It’s Jason and I am at the Just Fitness Gym in Belton, which houses Centex Rehab-Belton.  I wanted to let you know about some of the New Years Resolutions that I have made.  I have planned to get more organized, to work from home less and to get in shape!

Getting in shape may be one of your resolutions as well and one great way to stay in shape is by jogging.  Unfortunately jogging often comes with that dreaded condition- Runner’s Knee.  It’s a condition that  many joggers have probably experienced.  It’s that pain on the side of the knee or directly in front of the knee that can nag and really get in the way of your jogging.

You do not have to be a runner to suffer from Runner’s Knee.  You may feel it when going into a deep squat, or a deep lunge, or even something as simple as taking the stairs.

The good news- it’s treatable!  If you experience Runners Knee one thing that I recommend that you do is to become very familiar with stretching.  Stretching, along with some foam rolling exercises, can do a lot to alleviate that pain.  Of course, you can always talk to us at Centex Rehab about physical therapy to check and see if there are any imbalances in the hips, legs or ankles.  Many are surprised to learn that even ankle weakness can cause knee pain.

If this is something you are experiencing than I encourage you to reach out to us and we would be happy to help!

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Jason Miller